Company outline

We aim to make bags that satisfy our customers.
We have provided school bags for more than 30 yrs. to more than 700 schools.
We provide corporate bags to companies such as NHK、Japan Post, JR, TMC and others.
We have satisfied the needs of these corporations through the provision of more than 200 different styles.

We address today’s environmental issues by avoiding dioxins and by using recycled PET bottle materials whenever possible.
We create bags as if we were the customer ourselves.
We not only tailor to schools and companies but also provide bags to individual customers.
Following our motto we design and create unique styles, pocket sizes, pocket location, lightness that can all be customized for each individual customer.


Much thought was put into the design of our logo.
Our company alone uses the final kanji in our name. It comes from the Chinese meaning “to reach”. This reflects our company’s desire to provide bags globally.

Improving lives and creating a better society through hard work.

Fundamental stance
For our customers
We aim to make bags that satisfy our customers and keep them coming back for years to come.

For our employees
From president to employee, we all work together as one to make all our dreams come true.

For our society
We have a responsibility to develop and grow alongside society.
It is important that we all work together and take responsibility together so we may all benefit together.